I Have Been A Bad Blogger

….no seriously I have been a really bad blogger – a whole month since I wrote anything at all. Intentions were good but I just couldn’t find the time or motivation to be-honest – what can I say accountability is a bitch.

Lordy time flies by quickly doesn’t it – and here I am a whole month later barely 2 weeks until the wedding and not much to show for it. Yes I’ve lost weight but could I have done better? Being honest yes I could have, and why haven’t I done better?


I really need to work harder at breaking the old weekend cycle – first few weeks everything was going good then the Hen Party came along. Now don’t get me wrong I absolutely do not regret going and it really wouldn’t have been the same if i was healthy living but I think this was a bit of a turning point – and not in a good way.  Airports – airport bars – pub grub – ice bars – strippers – more pubs – more airports and more airport bars. But I had one of the best weekends away with some of the best ladies ever and those memories are priceless.

Then I was back into working out and trying to get back into a routine for a few days when what came along but a heavy weekend  for charity events I was organising for the NI children’s hospice. This is an amazing charity and they deserved every penny we raised  – my sacrifice lots of cake that went along with our ‘Great Dental Bake Off’ competition, more coffee and tray bakes than you could shake a stick at, at our charity coffee morning and then there was the charity wine tasting event.


If easy sticking to plan all week, eating healthy and getting in some amazing sessions with the team at We:Bo, but then the stresses of the week catch up with you come the weekend and things start to slide. Compared to two months ago before I started this journey my life is so much better – but lets face it, it’s still not great and I could try harder.

So guys if you have any advice how to keep me on track come 5pm Friday then please feel free to comment.

I’m trying out something new which I hope will help – daily motivational messages from me, to me. I came across this website called lettermelater.com and it lets you create emails that you can schedule and send to yourself or anyone else for that matter. So I’ve set them up for the next 30 days with motivation weight-loss and fitness images and messages like “step away from the biscuit tin” or “put the bottle of wine down”.

So fingers crossed it works.



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