The reasons why I’m Choosing to Eat healthy

Weight loss is hard work – some days really, really hard work. But there are so many benefits from eating healthily and getting some exercise in. I came across this on Pinterest and for such a small list its amazing the sacrifices you are making to your health by sitting round eating crap all day.

I can tell you now that I am seriously lacking in quiet a few of the above!! If I every wake up in the morning and look like below it will be nothing short of a miracle from God.

2. More Energy                                           3. Better Sleep Quality

  images   images (1)                                                  

4. Overall feeling of wellbeing                              5. Glowing Skin

8. Increased Confidence                                          9. Decreased health risks

10. To Enjoy life more                                              11. Because I care about myself and my                                                                                       body. 

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