Crawl into a wine bottle or not?

Week 2 weight in day and I’ve lost 7.5lbs, or if you prefer not a kick in the ass off 3.5kg. Not bad right!!

Then why am I sitting here thinking of throwing it all away by crawling into a bottle of wine? And it’s not a, ‘lets have a wee glass on vino before bedtime’ day. No today is a ‘2 bottle day’ – and ‘if I start it will be a very brave person who tries to stop me’ day!!

So here it is – my first ‘Bad Day’, it didn’t take long coming round just 2 weeks in. My 7.5lb weight loss high shattered not long after I stepped off the scales this morning. The car nearly drove itself to Asda on the way home from work, it’s so used to my normal bad day routine of stocking up in the wine aisle.

And folks this is a bad one, tears, snot the whole nine yards – I can’t even figure out if I’m crying because of the bad day or because I didn’t go to Asda to buy wine – or perhaps its a bit of both.

I’m having a bad day and my usual coping mechanism isn’t there anymore, and now I don’t know what the hell to do.

So what to do now – when I’m feeling a bit more rational I really need to figure out a new healthy coping mechanism. For now crawl into bed, pull the blinds and hope tomorrow brings something a bit better than today.



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