Made it through the week, all I need to do now is survive the weekend!!

What a week!! After starting great guns with We:Bo‘s amazing nutritionist Francesca Monday night I headed straight into Tuesday morning, 6am for my 2nd personal training session with Adriana. By this time sure signs of my virus were manifesting but I thought I’d plough through it and apart from my lungs feeling like they were about to explode and my temperature being in the high volcanic region I felt great after doing my 20 minute session, and still do.

This was swiftly followed by my rapid decline in health and banishment to bed for 3 days, but things are on the up again – aside from several close friends and family members who have fallen victim to my virus. They have all assured me – if they had the energy they’d be planning my early death.

So to those who I’ve infected I am truly sorry. 

So back to work today, and after the shortest work week ever it’s already the weekend – and a dreaded Bank Holiday weekend at that. Dont get me wrong I love a long weekend, but I loved them even more when they included gallons of wine and scoffing my body weight in junk food until monday morning rolled round again. Then the monday post binge blues really set in – hung over, dehydrated, tired and bloated. These I am glad I don’t have to return to!!

So the family ‘if we don’t buy it, we wont drink it pact’ did not hold up!! and our fridge is now inhabited by several very fine examples of the white variety. Wine O’clock officially begins at about 5.08pm in our house on a Friday evening. The only saving grace tonight is that half the house is in bed sick. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not tempted, nor would a sick household stop me any other time!!


So what has stopped me from reaching into the fridge tonight and popping that cork? Well to start off with 4lbs weight loss this week. It’s not the 8 stone I need to lose but its a damn good start, and I’m proud of myself. To throw that all away to gain a headache tomorrow morning just isn’t worth it.

So instead of the wine I decided to sit down and write this post and reward myself with a very small gin with lots of slimline tonic as my treat (a healthier option). Now I just need to make it through the rest of the weekend with the same resolve.

So the plan of attack for tomorrow!!

Tomorrow domestic goddess duties AM and tomorrow PM a long walk with the big baby puppy Zosha and my nieces around Crom Castle – the National Trust membership really is getting used this week!! Kids will be happy as they can take part in the Easter egg hunt and Zosha and I can have our workout/walk as I try to drag her 50+ kgs around after them. (Zosha and I will give the Easter Eggs a miss)


That’s as far as I’ve got for the weekend plan, but at least it’s a start for now.

2 thoughts on “Made it through the week, all I need to do now is survive the weekend!!

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  1. Really loved this post. Hope all is going well for the domestic goddess duties this morning.

    Good luck avoiding the eggs! Although I’m sure the gorgeous dog will help you with that! 💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Rebecca!! House work was going great until someone left what looks like a box of Kleenex in their pocket and it’s gone through the washing machine. A scene of total laundry devastation!! LOL
      Very tempted to just leave for my walk now and let someone else clean up the fake snow shower in the utility room, but it’d still be waiting when I got back. Have a great Easter weekend xx


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