Who snuck in all the carbs??

Been a busy few days, and today I’m having a rare day off work sick. I never let myself get sick or should I say give in to being sick but today after dragging myself into work I was promptly dispatched back home. I can’t blame them really, who wants to work with a germ drenching colleague like me. So my plan today – blog a bit, then an afternoon of Netflix, tissues, fluids and generally lounging about feeling crap.

Before my lurgy set it things have been going great. Sunday brought some amazing weather and in keeping with my healthy living I got up early and went for a walk with my lovely niece Leigha-Jane and our new Dachshund puppy Elsa. It really was lovely getting out in the sunshine and getting some fresh air around the stunning Castle Coole in Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh. It was also about time that I got some use out of my National Trust membership.

We had a few internet Gremlins Sunday afternoon so I had to give my We:Bo Yoga session a miss but I’m looking forward to catching up with Jessica next weekend instead. Then the lurgy set in and things started to go a bit south and here I am 2 days in, having had no sleep through coughing all day and night, a pretty decent high temperature (thank the lord for paracetamol) and now a streaming nose.

I just love technology and as you can see from my Aura sleep sensor report from last night, I am tired beyond belief and its pretty funny seeing your coughing in the noise section.

Last night was my first session with We:Bo’s nutritionist Francesca and what a fantastic session it was, and really surprising. I suppose years of slimming world and other such weight-loss organisations had brainwashed me into a certain way of thinking. After spending an hour with Francesca I really couldn’t be happier. As we talked about nutrition and my plan its like a weight off my shoulder knowing that we can build a plan containing the foods I like and enjoy eating, and that the plan can be changed and modified to help boost my metabolism and energy levels whenever we need too.

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been on diets,  and failed on them because they just weren’t achievable.

I preparation for my first session I thought I’d try out the Myfitnesspal app to record my food and it really showed up what I thought I knew about nutrition, but clearing didn’t – and whats more I wasnt alone.

My meals yesterday were

Scrambled eggs (1 egg and 3 egg white) and wholemeal nimble toast (2 slices)

Plum and banana mid morning snacks

Salad and Mueller light yoghurt

2 clementines afternoon snack

Bolognese and Courgetti

Now I thought I had a kick ass low carb day, after all I only had 2 slices of nimble and I’d even left out the pasta and had courgetti. Right – well I was wrong.


48% Carbs Seriously!!

After my initial shock, I asked a few of my work colleagues to guess the percentage of carbs and the highest figure they came back with was 10%. That shocked me even more – so it isn’t just me that’s ignorant to whats exactly is in the food we eat. I guess we’re all pretty familiar with the basics

Protein = Fish and Meat

Carbs = Pasta and bread

Fats = Butter and Oils

but after that, many of us really are in the dark.





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