Lets get this thing started

First Session last night with my Lead Personal Health Coach – Paul Parry and it was totally fine. I really don’t know why I was so worried. Well actually that’s a lie, I do know why I was worried but that was just me building things up in my mind.

That’s what I get for watching the meet the team videos on the We:Bo website (very professionally done by the way). When I heard Paul had work 10 yrs in the army I did imagine some crazy American type drill sergeant barking orders at me and a bonkers military diet plan. Paul if you read this I am sorry!! That vibrator story will probably stay with me for life it really was very funny – and all of you dirty minded people out there who thought I was talking about something else – seriously guys ‘Vibrator Plates’, we were discussing Vibrator Fitness Plates.   

But it was all really good and better still a good laugh – who would have ever thought healthy living and laughter could go together.

Paul Parry

It was really very refreshing talking to someone who has realistic expectations about fitness and nutrition. I remember one of the last times I rejoined slimming world, at the first weigh in the consultant asked me if I was disappointment that I’d only lost 4.5lbs that week in front of 30 people – apparently as I’m so big I should have lost more than that. I was chuffed to bits before she said it but as soon as that statement came flying out of her mouth I was devastated. I don’t think I went back again for a few months – can you blame me??

So last night we set a realistic, healthy and sustainable weight loss goal – 2lbs per week.

In 9 weeks – weight loss should be approx 1 st 4 lbs and that will get me fitting back into the bridesmaid dress I need to wear at my brothers wedding

In 19 weeks – weight loss should be approx 2 st 10 lbs and that’s when I turn 40, and according to google that’s when life goes to shit and weight loss is pretty much impossible. So I really need to get working on this.

In 26 week – weight loss should be approx 3 st 10lbs. That would put me in the 14 – 15 st range, and I can tell you one thing for sure – I don’t remember the last time I saw those figures coming up on the scale. A few days after I finish the 6 month plan I’m heading  to a Luxury 5 Star Resort in Greece and I am going to need to do some serious holiday shopping to fill that suitcase.

We talked a lot about nutrition and also sorted out a training schedule for the next week so its going to be a busy few days but I’m really looking forward to it.

First training session tomorrow morning at 6am.

Wish me luck

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